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Backwoods Whitetails
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
With having taken paid hunting trips ourselves. We know
that there are always going to be a ton of questions that
hunters will need to have answered in order to make their
entire hunting experience as hassle free as possible. So
please know that at Backwoods Whitetails, we will be with
you every step of the way. From helping each hunter to
successfully apply for their tags & licenses to making sure
that all of their questions will be fully answered. Each of our
hunters can rest assured that they are going to be fully
prepared prior to their arrival in camp. That way there is
nothing left to do accept hunt from the second that they
arrive in Illinois deer camp. Backwoods Whitetails will keep
in constant contact with each hunters through email and/or
Facebook messaging through out the entire year with
schedule updates, notifications, current trail cam videos, tag
& License information and several "Hunt Preparation
Email's" that will cover every subject that an hunter would
ask. For those that are ready to get their questions
answered now. Feel Free to visit the links below to get your
questions answered on a subject.    
Hunt Prep #1 - Travel Directions, Lodge Entrance and Parking
Hunt Prep #2 - Upon Arrival
Hunt Prep #3 - Meals
Hunt Prep #4 - Lodging
Hunt Prep #5 - What Items To Bring
Hunt Prep #6 - Bring a Stand and/or Blind with You
Hunt Prep #7 - Trophy & Meat Care
Hunt Prep #8 - Harvesting of Doe
Hunt Prep #9 - Lighted Noks Required
Hunt Prep #10 - Preparing for the Shot
Hunt Prep #11 - Shot Placement & After the Shot
Hunt Prep #12 - Wet Conditions = "WALKING"
Hunt Prep #13 - Can I bring my ATV
Hunt Prep #14 - Use of Scents, Rattling & Decoys
Hunt Prep #15 - Scent Control Means Success
Hunt Prep #16 - Follow ALL IL Deer Hunting Laws as It's YOUR Responsibility!
Hunt Prep #17 - Things that make ya Itch / Bugs & Poison Plants
Hunt Prep #18 - IL WEATHER Conditions & Staying Warm & Dry During on stand
Hunt Prep #19 - The Non Recovery of an animal
Hunt Prep #20 - Tree Stand Safety & Etiquette
Hunt Prep #21 - Before & After the Hunt