Because we know that your food experience is
something that is within our control. Bridget does her
very best to make sure that hunters have the food
items available to make your stay in camp a good one.
Therefore, this subject will require a response from
each individual hunter and/or your hunting group.
Please note that if you are a returning hunter, then we
still have your recorded information from your having
hunted with us during prior seasons. But we still may
bug you to see if anything has changed since your last
visit to camp. So please let us know what those
changes may be so taht Bridget can make sure things
are in order.   For a somewhat more detailed list of  
items served. Visit the following
B.W.O Meal Items

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Hunters can rest assured knowing that we provide our hunters with a fairly good
choice of continental style breakfast items. There is usually pretty much everything
available, and then some, that one could ever imagine seeing on a continental
breakfast bar at a hotel. But to make sure that we are fully prepared ahead of each
hunters arrival. And to help prevent the purchasing and/or wasting of any
unnecessary food items. We will need each hunter to respond on this subject with
which continental style item/items for which they would like to have available to start
their morning right, either before or on the way to the tree stand.
Note: We will apologize now for not serving/preparing an actual hot breakfast for ou4
hunters. But for the hunter that requires/is wanting/needing a hot breakfast each
morning. Please know that there are a few local diners available in the area and some
will be open early as this is farm country.
1.) Please let us know
if you are a coffee drinker in the mornings. If so do you drink
your coffee black or require creamer. Please note that we always have sugar, half n
half and powdered creamers.
2.) If you are not a coffee drinker but drink other things. Please let us know if you
normally drink orange juice, milk, etc. in the mornings and we will make sure that it
will be available to start your day with.
All lunches are a build it yourself sandwich/sack lunch style menu. For all hunters
that are hunting during the peak of the seek and chase phase of the rut. We will just
assume now that you are already aware that for best chances on success for
harvesting wild whitetail bucks. Hunters need to be spending the entire day on stand.
Therefore, we make available a few kinds of lunch meats, breads, cheese slices,
granola bars, bagged chips, crackers, etc. But to help us make sure that we have
exactly what you need.
Please let us know what type of cold cuts you would prefer
for your sandwiches (ham, turkey, bologna, salami?) and bread type (white, wheat,
Several condiments (ketchup, Mayo, honey/spicy/yellow mustards, etc) are
always available as well.
All evening meals are a home style meal with salad,a  main course and dessert. A
selection of soft drinks are made available along with iced tea and water to have with
your meal. The only thing that hunters need to let us know is "what brand of soft
drink (diet or regular) do they would prefer to drink" (if you drink soda at all) with
their evening meal. As well it is important that hunters notify us if there are
items that you do not like/wont eat or are allergic too"
so that we can do our best to
keep them off the dinner menu for that week. Again, Please remember that Bridget
will always do the best she can to keep certain items off of that weeks menu. But
Please know & respect that there are going to be some times/situations where she
will not be able to shape an evening meal around just one hunter. Thank you in
advance to those hunters making sacrifices to accommodate the other hunters in
Please try to remember that each evening Bridget does her best to serve the
dinner meal once every hunter has returned to the lodge. So Please always
remember to be respectful to the cook and to the other hunters in camp by
notifying your guide immediately if you are not going to be back to the lodge
on time.
I would hope that everyone will keep in mind and know that Bridget is always
trying her very best to provide our hunters with a quality meal experience.
Even though her efforts are not always seen. Please remember that while
everyone is out hunting, she is back at the lodge working hard to keep the
banquet room & communal area's of the lodge clean and that she is always
doing her very best to provide hunters with a good hot meal in the evenings.
Hunters can rest assured knowimg that she will always do her best to have
the evening meal ready at the time when everyone returns to the lodge in the
evening to help ensure that everyone receives a hot meal.