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Backwoods Whitetails
Meal Schedule
Hunters can relax knowing that meals are included in the price of the hunt. To make sure we are prepared for your drink and meal needs prior to your arrival. Each year we will send out
a Meal Preparation Email to each individual hunter. Again, this email is to important as to ensure things the hunters meal needs are in order before the arrival of the hunter. The email specifically asks each
hunter as to their food and drink requests, likes and dislikes and allergies. This allow us to plan and/or adjust our menus and/or meal schedule so as to make sure that each hunter has what they might
need for an enjoyable hunt.

Breakfast: Each morning we make available a "do it yourself" continental style breakfast. We do apologize as NO HOT BREAKFAST IS SERVED!!
Items hunters can expect to see available for the start of their morning:
Beverages: Bottled Water, Milk, Orange Juice, Hot Choclate & Hot Coffee
(creamers will be available)
Foods: Fresh fruit, cereal, Instant oatmeal, toast & jellies, bagels & cream cheese, English muffins, snack cakes, donuts, frozen waffles and hard boiled eggs.

Lunch: Several lunch items are always made available for hunters to prepare themselves a sack style lunch. Hot soup will ONLY be made available during the 2nd Season Firearm,
Muzzle Loader Only and Late Season Archery hunts, when hunting all day is not common.
Each day there will be select variety of common lunch items such as: Wheat, White, and Rye
breads. Ham, Turkey, Bologna, & Salami cold cuts, white and yellow American cheese slices, Snack cakes, a variety of bagged chips and as well all the
condiments needed for your Sandwich's. Bottled water is available as well.

Supper: After the days hunt, hunters will sit down to a Home cooked family style meal consisting of a main course, a garden salad (a variety of dressings are available) ,
a hot vegetable and homemade dessert. Our evening meals range can range from, grilled venison steak with baked potatoes to a the basic pasta night and salad
night. Some of the evening meal items served are as follows: Baked, Grilled or Fried Chicken..... Grilled Beef, pork or venison steaks.... Roast Beef, Venison,
Ham or Turkey.... Taco's & Fajitas, Homemade Pizza, Beef or Chicken & Noodle Dinners. All Meat dinners are served with side dishes such as baked, fried or
mashed potatoes w/gravy, white/brown rice & gravy or mac & cheese.    
All pasta dinners such as Spaghetti or Lasagna are served with Garlic Bread, a side vegetable, a salad and dessert.
Please remember that a cooks hard work. The constant shopping, meal Preparations and clean up is usually always unseen and will go unnoticed by the hunter.  Please always remember that the cook works very hard to provide
everyone with a quality meal to the best of their abilities. Please do not overlook how their hard work and dedication helps to make your hunting vacation a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Gratuities are allowed and
GREATLY APPRECIATED by the staff. Please tip the cook directly.

Soft drinks, tea, coffee and bottled water are always made available with your evening meal.

Hunters are permitted to purchase their own alcohol and additives. Liquor is to be consumed within moderation and only after the days hunt has ended. Please remember that this is not just your
vacation!! Not everyone drinks nor came to drink alcohol. Therefore be respectful of others and understand that under no circumstances will excessive drinking be allowed nor tolerated.