Option #1
For the Hunter that wants/needs their deer processed & packaged
immediately for the trip back home. Hunters may hire a BWO staff
member to care for your animal right here at the lodge. Each B.W.O.
guide is very experienced and efficient in the area of big game meat
processing & trophy care. Depending upon the depth of the services
that you are needing/requesting. The following services are available
for hunters to purchase/utilize right here at the lodge.
Please Note: We ask that all services hired to be done by a B.W.O. Staff member are paid for in "cash only"
immediately upon the completion of the services requested! So, for those that are already planning ahead
of time to hire a B.W.O. Staff member as a meat care option. Please plan ahead and bring extra cash with
you to cover the cost of those services.                     Thank You, The B.W.O. Staff

Skin out the skull & removal of antlers for transportation home - $50.00

Skin, Cape, Quarter & remove antlers for transportation home  - $150.00

Skin, Cape, Quarter, remove antlers for travel, process and package - $200.00
For the hunter that is not so skilled with a butcher knife or is just
simply worn out & tired from the hunt. There are two other options
for hunters to utilize for getting their trophy animal taken care of
both properly and efficiently.
Hunters will find that the Backwoods Whitetails Lodge is set up to be
a one stop style hunting lodge. As whitetail hunting professionals we
know that as soon as the trigger is pulled, the real work begins. Due
to the sometimes uncooperative weather conditions. The outside
temperatures and/or conditions can play a factor in being able to
quickly and safely preserve the meat and/or care for the cape of
each trophy animal. Therefore, we have installed an Indoor Trophy
Whitetail Processing Facility
(shown above). This area was built with
the trophy whitetail hunter in mind. No matter if the weather is hot,
windy, rainy or cold. If you are the hunter who prefers to care for
your own game? Know that you can comfortably care for your
harvest inside and out of the weather. Our Whitetail Trophy Care
Center is complete with an electric winch & hoist system that was
designed with a sliding rail system that can support & hold multiple
deer at the same time. There is a refrigerator for the purpose of
cooling out your meat before freezing. As well we have a few chest
freezers on sight that will help to get your game meat frozen &
prepared for the long ride home.
Our Meat Care center
(shown below) is a complete meat processing
area containing stainless steel counters, cutting board, Outdoor
Edge butcher kits & skinning knives, stainless steel sinks and meat
wrapping station and there is no charge for the use of our facility.
There will be $20.00 Charge per animal for each hunter that is needing to utilize any meat wrapping
materials that were pre purchased by Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters!
For those hunters that are willing to leave their harvest behind to be processed
and then shipped home. We have a local whitetail deer butcher "The Bushnell
Meat Locker" that has years of experience with butchering whitetails deer. This
butcher will process your animal to your exact specifications and then ship to
your home or business. The Bushnell Locker will cut steaks, grind burger to
your liking. As well, they also make specialty items such breakfast sausages,
deer bratwurst, Salami, jerky sticks and more. Hunters can contact the
Bushnell Locker by phone at 309-772-2783, Visit their
website, Or check out
their Facebook Page at

                                            SHIPPING CHARGES
For those wanting or needing their items to be shipped back home. The average cost for
shipping is about $1.00 per pound of items being shipped. So for those that have UPS or Fed
Ex shipping accounts for your business's? For your convenience, Please bring some shipping
labels with you for them to use to ship your products.  
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