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Good Food, Good Friends,Good times and Great hunting Experiences.
Where the hunting is real and the memories matter more than the score
Brett Homer - Owner &Head Guide
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Bridget Homer - Owner & Head Chef
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Hunting heritage means never forgetting why we started hunting in the first place!
Backwoods Whitetail Outfitters is a state licensed guide service that is owned and operated by experienced resident Illinois whitetail deer hunters. Our deer camp
is a small VERY SMALL FAMILY OWNED CAMP that is dedicated to helping improve your hunting experiences while in Illinois and back at home. Our Lodge is
7500 square feet containing 8 private guest rooms, a large living room area, spacious banquet room, bathrooms, shower, a "Scent Free" laundry facility, forced air
boot dryer, an large indoor animal/trophy care & meat processing area. There is 20,000 square feet of off road parking and is located right next to a gas station
with convenient store. And yes, they sell beer, Lol.  
ALL of our hunting properties are privately owned leased farmland having a variety of terrain combinations. Each farm is different, ranging from large to small,
having different size tracts of timber, hardwood ridges, CRP fields, river bottoms, hay fields with grassy draws & fingers. ALL farms have and/or are in the middle
of areas of large crops fields full of food sources such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, clover and alfalfa fields. Where it is permitted, we even have farms with a
few summer and winter food plots designed specifically with the whitetail deer in mind. In a nutshell, each of our properties is unique in it's own way and have
proven their abilities to produce Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett Trophy class whitetail bucks each and every year.
Each year Illinois has a 16 week long whitetail deer season each year, but at Backwoods Whitetails we choose to only conduct our hunts during the peak weeks of
the annual whitetail rutting season. Those 4 specific weeks are based on what we feel will give hunters the best of hunting opportunities each season.
To help assist in a hunter success, each individual hunter or group of hunters are assigned to their own property/properties. Each hunter/hunters will have their
own farm/lease for the entire time that they are here to hunt. This not only gives each hunter the room to properly hunt the ever changing wind directions. But
hunters also have the freedom to move into other area's of deer activity without bumping into their hunting partners. Combine all of that with the assistance of a
lifetime Illinois resident whitetail guide, preset stands, freedom to move on your own to succeed, proper scent control and a high level of whitetail rutting activity.
Hunters should have all the confidence he/she needs to stay in the stand all day and hopefully come home with a trophy buck of their liking.
All of our whitetails are 100% wild & 100% free roaming animals that are pursued with 100% fair chase methods. Hunters can hunt from our preset stands and/or
are allowed to move on their own to succeed, while still having the assistance of a guide. We DO NOT impose trophy fines!! We DO NOT have trophy fees!!! We DO
NOT set any antler minimums!! Even without a so called "Management Program" our hunters STILL consistently harvest nice trophy class whitetails each and
every season. Each year opportunity rates on whitetails are high and we annually achieve overall success rates on bucks ranging from 50 - 75%. Some individual
weeks of hunting have even been completed with 100% success for all hunters in camp.
THE BOTTOM LINE: We do our best to provide hunters with a quality experience that consists of good food, a relaxing atmosphere, clean & comfortable lodging,
exclusive properties for their entire hunt and experienced & knowledgeable whitetail guides. Always remember that hunters are not guaranteed success on a
trophy buck. But with strong scent control practices, Having faith in the knowledge & assistance from resident Illinois guides combined with the patience &
willingness to sit all day. Hunters will quickly understand why Backwoods Whitetails isn't just another whitetail outfitter.
Backwoods Whitetails
    P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
  Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
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