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The Backwoods Whitetails Lodge has everything the serious hunter needs while hunting in Illinois. Our 7500 square foot lodge is a clean &
comfortable environment that is made up of 8 private guest rooms. Each Room contains a TV with wireless Internet access. Two of those rooms are
designed specifically for the husband & wife hunting team, complete full size beds. All other rooms are individual private group rooms with five of
those rooms containing 1 - 2 large bunk beds and the other four contain individual standard twin beds. Our lodge is made up of a large banquet
room, large TV room, bathroom, shower, Scent Free laundry facility with 3 washers & 3 dryers, a forced air 5 pair boot dryer and a complete Indoor
trophy care & meat processing area. Our lodge is conveniently located right on Illinois US Highway 136 next to a gas station & convenient store and
is complimented with 18,000 square ft of off road parking. As well the lodge is within a 20 minute drive to the nearest local pro shop and/or sporting
goods store and most all hunters can enjoy a 10 to 15 minute drive to their assigned hunting properties. Bottom line.....all of our hunters will be able
to eat, sleep, shower, do laundry, process their deer, lounge around and interact with the other hunters from just this one location.
Prior to your hunt, the Backwoods Whitetails Staff will be in touch with each client so as to be prepare for ALL your food & drink likes, dislikes, food
allergies, etc. That way If a hunter would like or needs a specific item? All he/she has to do is ask and we will make it available.
In the mornings we make available several continental style breakfast items. For lunch there will be several items made available for hunters to
prepare themselves a sack style lunch. Evening meals are full course family style home cooked meals complete with a salad, main course, dessert.
Soft drinks, tea & bottled water is made available.
Sorry, but we DO NOT offer alcoholic beverages. Hunters are welcome to bring their own alcohol
and are responsible for purchasing those items. REMEMBER that it is not just your vacation! Therefore, All alcohol is to be consumed within
moderation. EXCESSIVE DRINKING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! As well, For scent control purposes and the respect of other hunters,
Smoking is
not permitted inside the lodge!
There is an outside deck/porch designated for a smokers area.  
Each year we try to continually make improvements to our lodge so as to improve your hunting experience. Currently, our lodge has a 25 x 30
lounge area, a 20 x 20 dining area, wireless Internet access, scent free laundry facility, Shower and Bathrooms. As well we have an indoor trophy
care &  meat cutting facility for those wanting to do the processing of their own animals. It has always been the goal for our lodge to be the
complete and perfect place to stay while hunting with Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters. So as time & money permits and without trying to raise the
cost of our clients hunting vacations. We will be making the necessary improvements, upgrades and renovations needed to make your hunting
vacations a more enjoyable one. Future plans are to improve the quality & appearance of our guest rooms, Construct a 30 x 30 banquet room w/
larger breakfast & lunch area and add additional showers & bathrooms as well. WE WANT TO THANK ALL OF OUR REPEAT CUSTOMERS FOR

Each guest room is supplied with an alarm clock, beds, light blankets, sheets and a pillow. For those hunters that require more or heavy blankets?
We ask that you bring yourself a sleeping bag. For those that require multiple pillows or need a special pillow? Please don't forget to bring your own.
Wash cloths & bath towels are also made available. For those hunters that exercise extreme scent control practices or just simply require a specific
type of towel or wash cloth? Please don't forget to include that in your suitcases, as well.
NOTICE TO ALL HUNTERS: Each hunter is required to bring his/her own scent elimination items, such as shampoo & conditioners, bath & laundry
soaps and scent eliminating sprays.  
Backwoods Whitetails
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853