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Ask any serious trophy hunter what he thinks about hunting the Post Rut during the coldest months of winter and I guarantee you he will tell you it is one
of the best times of the year to harvest a trophy whitetail buck. Because after the rut has passed and cold winter temps have set in the deer start to yard
up. Bucks will be concentrating on food sources while trying to replenish their ran down bodies from the miles they spent traveling during rut.
Experiences winter hunters also know that if they can find a buck that strikes their interest that the buck will more than likely not be going anywhere
anytime soon. That makes finding and hunting specific bucks an easier task due to the odds being very high for seeing the same buck/bucks night.
Therefore a hunter will have to determine where the bedding and feeding areas are. Follow that by running some trail camera's to find the buck he would
like to pick on and do some glassing from a distance or a tree stand while being ready to move onto a consistent feed pattern. Anything after that will rely
solely on persistence, patience and making a good shot when the buck shows. If fate be on your side, you will be dragging out a well earned winter
whitetail buck.
We've got some Great News!! We already know just which of our properties traditionally hold yarded up bucks. Therefore each spring we begin by
preparing, planting and maintaining winter whitetail food plots on these farms specifically for the sole purpose of hunting late winter whitetails. After the
last gun season ends in mid December, we place out several trail camera's to start monitoring the bucks that are already in the area as well as catch any
new bucks that decide to show up. Then we only offer a maximum of four spots for each of the two weeks scheduled to hunt winter whitetails allowing us
to keep your opportunities for success at the highest level possible.