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Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
At Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters we conduct all of our hunts on privately owned & leased farms. Each property has preset stand placed in prime locations that are
proven to produce big trophy class Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett whitetail bucks.  Each spring we scout, map and shed hunt each property to keep both
ourselves and the hunters informed about the whitetails that are in the area. Throughout the summer we focus on maintaining established food plots, installing new
plots as well as prepare & plant our winter food plots for one week of some great late season whitetail hunting. Beginning in June of each year we consistently begin to
monitor the whitetails that are on, in and around each property through the use of 60+ trail cameras. Each trophy class trail camera photo is then edited and posted to
the website for hunter viewing.
At Backwoods Whitetails, we believe that a trophy means something different to everyone. All of our hunts are conducted on whitetails that are 100% wild and free
roaming deer with 100% Wild & 100% Fair chase methods. We encourage our hunters to harvest mature whitetail bucks, but we "do not" impose trophy fines, trophy
fee's nor do we have antler minimums as we already know and understand that each hunter venturing to Illinois will have nothing but a monster buck on his priority list
and the shooting of a small buck is not what they came to Illinois for. Therefore we give our hunters the freedom to make their own ethical choice of just what it is that
makes their hunting adventure a success. Each year our hunters harvest several trophy class whitetails and not a one of those whitetails were ever subject to being
measured for the hidden purpose making extra money. With harvesting a few 150 to 170 inch each and every year, realistic hunters know that the average trophy range
for Illinois whitetail bucks being harvested are from the 120 - 150 range with most bucks scoring in the high 130's to the high 140's. Each year we maintain an average
overall success rates from 55% - 68%
(overall Bow & Gun Combined) and it is not uncommon for our hunters to achieved success rates from 75% - 100% during individual
weeks for gun or bowhunting.    
One thing that we feel sets us apart from other outfitters is that we allow our hunters the freedom to actually be a "A Hunter". Each hunter and/or group of hunters are
assigned to their own property lease/ leases to hunt on for the duration of their stay at Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters. It is just like having your own lease for a week in
Illinois. Those hunters and/or group of hunters will have the freedom to utilize their hunting property/properties as they so choose. Each hunter will be given aerial
photo's for the farm/farms they will be hunting on. Each aerial will contain preset stand locations and food sources with all major bedding area's being marked. Hunters
that are already booked with Backwoods Whitetails will also have the option of traveling out in the spring to pre scout their farms, hunt for shed antlers, discuss the
traditional deer activity and maybe even have time to prepare & set stand locations for the upcoming season.  When hunters arrive in the fall to hunt, it is requested that
each client brings a hang on tree stand with climbing stick, a ladder stand or ground blind to make any necessary move to succeed. Hunters can request that the guide
set the stand for you, assist you with setting the stand or you are free to do it all on your own. Once the hunter has succeeded in shooting his/her animal it is required
that the guide track, retrieve, photograph, remove and field dress your animal from the timber. All guides are Illinois resident whitetail hunters with several years of
knowledge and experience with hunting the midwest whitetails of Illinois.
All hunters will stay at the Backwoods Whitetails 7,500 sq ft lodge which has 19,000 sq ft of off road parking space and is conveniently located next to a gas
station/convenient store. Our lodge contains everything from private guest rooms (with cable television & wireless Internet), a scent free laundry facility to an indoor
trophy care & meat processing area. Each morning hunters will start their day with a continental breakfast and end the day with a hot home cooked meal that is
prepared right at the lodge.      
So remember, Backwoods Whitetails conducts 100% wild & fair chase archery, crossbow, firearm & muzzle loader hunts or the illusive Midwest whitetail in Fulton
County of West Central Illinois. All hunts are guided with the freedom to move on your own to succeed while still having the full assistance of a guide. We having clean
& comfortable lodging, a healthy population of trophy whitetails, a resident guide to assist you each day, the luxury of hunting your own private farms. So for the
serious hunter that practices extreme scent control and has the patience & persistence needed to hold out a buck of their choosing are sure to find that Backwoods
Whitetails Outfitters is a Top Choice for your next whitetail hunting vacation without having to deal with the hassle of antler minimums, trophy fines or fee's.    
                                                                                                          Thanks for inquiring, See y'all this fall!!       Brett & Bridget Homer
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