Deer Camp Lodging & Etiquette
Please know that we are always trying to help
insure that each hunter will have a good experience
while on their hunting vacations. It is our belief that
the experience of each hunter is as important as the
next. So always remember that each
recommendation we make for your hunts/hunters,
along with each of the guidelines that is put in
place, is merely to help ensure that everyone has a
little of their own space to be themselves while still
having a great time in camp.
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 "The BWO Lodge"
Backwoods Whitetails
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
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The BWO Lodge has 7 guest rooms. Each guest room has a television
and access to wireless broadband internet. Prior to each hunters arriva
(whether hunting individually or as a group) he/she will have already been assigned
a room.
Note: Please know that if you are traveling/hunting and/or alone
individually. You will be in a room of your own. Those hunting in groups of 2
will share a room and larger groups will be split into groups of 2 for room
. Upon arrival, Hunters will be shown to their assigned room.
Upon arrival hunters can rest assure that all rooms will be clean and
beds will have fresh linens.
Please know that each room is considered to be private to the hunter
Therefore each hunter will be responsible for their own daily up keep
and/or garbage removal (if it is needed). Please note
"With the
exception of bottled water"
, We respectfully ask that all hunters
refrain from taking food and/or "other" type of drinks into the guest
There will be both bath towels and wash cloths available for hunter use.
Please Note: Just so everyone is aware, Bridget "does not" always
wash towels and wash cloths in a scent away soap
. So for the extreme
scent control freaks like myself and to help insure that an "individual has
achieved maximum scent control"....? Hunters may want to consider
bringing his/her own bath towel and wash cloth that has been and/or
can be washed in their own "personal choice" of scent eliminating
laundry soaps.
                    Camp Etiquette
Please know that we all are aware and fully respect that everyone is an
individual, that we all come from different parts of the world where there
are different upbringings, a different set of views on things and that
opinions on how someone should conduct themselves will vary. Bridget
& myself truly believe that no one in anyway ever sets out with the direct
intentions for offending others while in camp. However, the reality is that
"It can happen and yes it has happened in the past", lol. So just please
remember that we ALL are sharing the same camp together for the
duration of the hunt and that we are all wanting each person to have a
great time together.
1.) We just want to ask everyone try and do the best they possible can
to respect everyone else in camp. With that being said...., lol. Remember
that "You are at "DEER CAMP" where hunters will be hunters, men will
be men...,
BUT there are also women present. So let's ALL just have
a great time in camp while maintaining the utmost respect for all women,
hunters, friends and family members.
2.) We ask that each & every hunter ALWAYS respect the personal
property and the privacy of every other hunters, respect the private
space of their assigned rooms, etc.
3.) We expect that each hunter is/will respect the presence of any and
all women that are in and/or around camp!!
Please know that derogatory
remarks and/or inappropriate gestures of any kind made towards the
women will "Strictly Not Be Tolerated at Anytime". Not trying to sound a
jerk, but i have not problem being one when necessary. Therefore,
anyone that chooses to ignore this simple request will find that I have no
problems immediately removing someone from camp, with no
exceptions being made for anyone. So, I will just go ahead to greatly say
"Thank You" to everyone in advance for respecting all women, all
women hunters and the wives of other hunters that may be in camp.
4.) In conjunction with our third request, we want to recognize and
respect every woman in camp as a lady. Therefore we simply request
that all hunters be clothed while going to and from the shower. Sweat
pants, Bathrobes, Pajamas pants, etc are acceptable. Just please know
that "In our neck of the woods", The wearing of JUST a towel around is
viewed as being rude, disrespectful and is considered as an
inappropriate gesture towards a lady! So again we kindly & respectfully
request that everyone please be respectful of the women that are in
and/or around camp while going to & from the shower.                         
Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed while in camp.
However..., First know that
it is against Illinois Law that any hunter be
under the influence while hunting. Secondly, the personal safety of each
and every hunter is of the utmost importance. Thus, alcoholic beverages
are ONLY permitted to be consumed after the days hunt has ended
ANYONE found to be drinking prior to and/or while hunting will
have their hunt suspended for that day.
NOTE: All Alcoholic beverages and/or mix drink additives (special soda's
included) are entirely the responsibility of and are at the expense of the
individual hunter. Please be respectful to other hunters that have
purchased specific alcoholic beverages for their own personal use. For
those that still don't understand, lol. Buy & Drink "Your Own Beer".  
Lastly & MOST IMPORTANT!! Always remember that we are all here to
have a good time and not everyone drinks alcohol!
It is my
personal promise to every hunter in camp that
excessive drinking to the point of over intoxication
will not be tolerated at anytime whatsoever!
Thank you
in advance for complying with this request in order to make everyone's
hunting experience a good one.
First please know that we respect both tobacco users and non users
alike. Therefore we will try to accommodate each hunter the best we can.
1.) Smoking is only permitted "OUTSIDE" of the lodge!
PLEASE use the designated area for smoking and please properly
dispose of and/or extinguish cigarettes. Again, It is imperative that
tobacco smokers and chewers be respectful of all hunters. Please be
especially respectful around hunter equipment and/or hunters that are in
their hunting clothes prior to and/or that are leaving for the stand. We do
not want any one to feel their hunt was impaired by the lack of respect
from another hunters personal habits.
1.) We ask that all tobacco chewers use a spit bottle and/or cup. Please
place those items in an outside trash can at the end of the evening.
Please do not chew in the guest/bedrooms nor in the tree stand.
Remember that smoking is not permitted in the rooms nor is chewing.
This is due to other hunters will be using the same room the following
week. As well, individuals in the past have severely stained up and
damaged both mattresses pillows so badly they had to be discarded.
Thank you in advance..
In the Field: To respect both the hunt and the hunter for whom will be
hunting the stands and/or area after you.
Please do not use any type
of tobacco in the field. Do Not smoke nor spit chew from the
tree stand.
I know some believe that wont make a difference....But I
think it is fair to say that everyone can/will have some kind of a complaint
about how another hunter has dirtied up a stand site and/or farm.
Meaning that in some way or another, be deer urines, trash, cigarette
butts or chewing tobacco are not going to be viewed and/or a practice
that is agreed upon by all hunters alike. So again,
please be respectful of
each other (even to the ones you will never meet) by doing your best to
help keep the lodge rooms, the farms and each stand site as clean and
as scent free of any type of human related scents as possible.
Thank you for taking the time to help others in camp and in the stand. I
am sure that everyone will appreciate the combined efforts from all
hunters to help everyone have a great time in camp and to succeed on a
nice buck this season.