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P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853

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Contact us for this Years
                                        Just a Quick Recap!!
2nd PLEASE take the time to browse back through all hunt prep
to make sure you have everything, that you have all your questions
asked and/or answered prior to hitting the road for Illinois deer camp.
3rd TRAVEL SAFE!! give yourselves plenty of time to get here and keep in
contact with us along your travels. That way we know when to expect your
4th For those paying their hunt balances upon arrival. Please remember
that we only accept cash for the hunt balances being
paid upon arrival
. Please let us know if anyone needs a reminder as to
what your hunt dates and/or arrival times will be.

5th Check the Weather forecast for Ipava, Illinois 61441.  Remember
that we have no idea and/or way of knowing/predicting what the weather will be
during your hunt. So check the forecast and pack accordingly.

 Each Day After the Hunt
Remember that all hunters are free to move on their own to succeed so long as
any movements are within/inside the boundaries of your assigned farm. For
those wanting & needing my help with the hunt, suggestions for stand
selection and/or for any other of my personal thoughts or opinions. Please
remember that will mean that we need to be in communication with each other
every day. I will occasionally text you while you are in the stand to check on
you and how it is going. The first and main reason is to make sure you are alive
and have not maybe fallen from a stand or something. But secondly to see if
you are needing any assistance or suggestions on the hunt. Rest assured that
each evening I be in contact with each hunter so as to see how things went and.
or are going while in the field. Hunters should know that I keep a daily activity
log to record the weather, the wind directions, # of animal sightings, Sex & age
of Animals being seen, etc. This is for the purpose of recording information for
the IL DNR and also to help me gather important information to help you during
your hunt. Therefore it is important that hunters help us to help them by
providing as much information as possible each day. Each hunter will have an
individual sheet for which we will record your daily experiences.  
Backwoods Whitetail’s Outfitters - Daily Activity and Harvest Report
Hunter Name _______________________________________________________

Hunt Dates - From: __________________ To: _______________________
Assigned Property: _____________________________________________
Hunt Type: Archery ____ 1st Shotgun____ 2nd Shotgun ____
Harvest Info:
Hunting License # __________________ Habitat Stamp#_________________
Antlerless Tag #____________________
Sex______   Aprox. Age______   Harvest Date_______  A.M.__P.M.__
Harvest Confirmation # _____________________________

Either Sex Tag #____________________
# of Points_____ Approximate Age______  Harvest Date_______A.M.__P.M.__
Harvest Confirmation #______________________________

Day 1: Hours Hunted: Morning___ Noon___ Evening___ Total Hrs. on Stand______
Weather: Clear___ Overcast___ Lt Rain/Drizzle____ Stdy/Hvy Rain____ Wind____
Deer Seen: Anterless: Yearling Doe _____  Button Buck_____  Adult Doe_____
Bucks: 1 ½ ______, 2 ½ ______, 3 ½ ______, 4 ½ & Older______
Was a Shot taken: Yes or No   Was Animal Recovered Yes or No
For those wondering. It is required by the IL DNR that all outfitters keep a
record of all hunting license, tag #s and harvest information. As well this daily
activity helps me to know what is going on with/at each property and with each
& every hunter etc. Each evening we will be going over your daily activity. If
you may have any questions at that time and/or are needing to plan for some
assistance the following day. We can then make sure we have a game plan put
together at that time for the following day.
How we figure our annual success rates & opportunity rates are strictly by the
sex of animal and age class of the animal.
We do not ever consider and/or take
into account the size of a bucks antlers or whether it makes P&Y or B&C.
we can help you score your deer if you are that concerned about it. Just know
that we do not consider the score to be the determining factor as to whether or
not an animal is a trophy. We leave that up to the individual hunter.
With the use of these activity forms. At the end of each season we can figure
success rates by number of animals seen, animals harvested, Success
opportunityies passed up on, etc. But we let our hunters dictate both ours and
their own opportunity & success rates through the use of these daily records
along with/through the use a comment sheet at their end hunt.

Backwoods Whitetail’s End of Hunt & Comment Sheet.
We are always concerned about the outcome of and/or someones experience
while hunting with Backwoods Whitetail’s. Therefore we greatly appreciate and
always consider the input from our hunter as to what can possibly be done to
better hunter experiences each and every year. Please know that we try to
improve each & every year to better hunter experiences that are within reason
and within our control. We ask that hunters PLEASE be honest, polite &
Rate your Hunt: Poor___ Fair____ Good ____ Great ___ Excellent____
Mark the sex & age class for each animal that you Passed Up A Shot At and/or
Shot during your hunt? (Check all that apply)

Yearlings____ Adult Doe____ 1 ½____ 2 ½____ 3 ½ ____ 4 ½ or older____
Rate the Guide: Poor___ Fair____ Good ____ Great____ Excellent____
PLEASE TIP YOUR GUIDES DIRECTLY!! (10% of the hunt fee is customary gratuity)
How can our guides improve to better serve you?

Rate the Meals: Poor___ Fair ____Good ____ Great ___ Excellent ____
PLEASE TIP YOUR COOK DIRECTLY!!  How can we improve our meals?

Rate the Lodging: Poor___ Fair____ Good ____ Great ___ Excellent____
What would you suggest we do to better or improve the lodging?

Would you hunt with Backwoods Whitetail’s again? Y___ N ___
At this time, do you plan to return next season? Y ___ N ___
Will you recommend Backwoods Whitetail’s to a Friend? Y ___ N___
Can Backwoods Whitetail’s clients contact you for a reference? Y___ N___

Do you prefer to be contacted for reference by phone____ or email____
Additional Comments and Concerns:

Please Note that this years current hunters will
have until December 31st to reserve their same
dates and/or farm to hunt again during the next
years IL Deer Season. Any Hunt Dates and/or Farms
Not Spoken for by January 1st will become available
for reservation on a 1st come 1st serve basis. All
hunt dates and/or farms will be considered reserved
with a $500.oo deposit.
Before You Leave for Camp
  After the Hunt
When the IL Season actually begins. We would like for all
hunters to knot that our available time to check email and/or
Facebook is very limited. So if hunters have any questions
or are needing to get in touch with us? You will do that best
via a text message or phone call to my cell @
309-224-2853. You may still send an email or a Facebook
message. Just know that you are not likely going to get a
quick response. Also please know that If you call and do not
get an answer? PLEASE, Leave a message and we will get
back to you the