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Bottled deer scent, deer lures & attractants are something that makes we all know get sold by the truck
doesn't. Either way it is up to you as an individual hunter to decide as to whether or not you want to risk
your success and/or failures on a little brown bottle that assumingly has a magic potion inside for putting
a big ole buck on the wall. As for me... I am a guy that over the years believe that
"The BEST Scent
Again, you can choose to disagree with me and that is fine. I will totally
support your right to your own opinions. So for those that want to know why I personally hunt and/or
recommend hunting this way. I will simply share my thoughts developed through my personal years of
hunting whitetails.
1st lets just cover what we assumingly all already know. As I am sure everyone is already aware, a
whitetail has (3) three main safety mechanisms that is uses each & every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a
year in order to survive predator of all kinds, shapes & sizes. Those three mechanisms are hearing, sight
and smell. Im my personal opinion, it is the sense of smell that is not only overruling the other two. But i
also believe that it is the actual nose that tells the brain what to do next. Why do i say that..? Any
experienced whitetail hunter already knows that a mature whitetail will never 100% trust what it sees with
its eyes or hears with its ears without smelling it first. For instance if a buck hears a grunt or see's a
decoy? I promise you he will not commit to grunt nor the decoy on just sight or sound alone. He will
always confirm what it hears and/or sees with his nose FIRST. The results of any situation will be
confirmed in one of three ways. Either check it out, run it out or get the hell out. Again, just know that a
whitetail will ALWAYS trust its nose before its eyes or ears. Several times I have even personally
witnessed a whitetail buck committing to a situation with just his nose alone, even though he could not
visually see or hear another animal. Now if a whitetail trusts its nose that much....then I promise you that
scent control can and will mean the difference between your success and failures in whitetail hunting.

   A Thought Process About Using Scents
We spend all spring & summer running trail cams to catch whitetails & whitetail bucks in their own
"Natural" atmosphere. In that natural atmosphere we observe whitetails in a relaxed state of mind.
While running trail cams we notice that when a deer sees or hears a camera for the first time. That the
deer will throw its nose into the air trying to "Smell It". Note the eyes n ears didn't tell the deer to run. Its
eyes and/or ears told the deers brain to smell the new addition to the area for the purpose of determining
if it is a danger or not.  
We also try to stay out of the woods as much as possible in the off season to
prevent the spread of
We always Scout/Glass deer from our trucks at a distance to prevent any agitation to the deers natural
habitual atmosphere
We spend countless dollars each year on items to
prevent deer from smelling our presence while in
their Natural Habitual Atmosphere.
Ok I am hoping by now that everyone is recognizing two things that are important for seeing deer
1.) Preventing the spread of any SCENT and 2.) Keeping the deer in a relaxed natural
So a question to ask yourself is this. Why is it the first thing we do as hunters is to hit the woods and
suddenly want to take control the deer in its own atmosphere by throwing out a foreign scent? Can it be
done successfully by using the right scent? Well...yes and no as it depends on what one is actually after.
Are you a meat hunter or a trophy hunter? Because those approaches are entirely different. Therefore, I
say it is possible to succeed. But that is all depending upon the age & experiences of the animal.
Meaning young inexperienced deer (such as this years fawn & yr n half old deer away from their mothers
for the first time) are always gonna be ignorantly curious. Thus their curiosity gets em killed by meat
hunters and/or first time hunters just looking to succeed on any deer. However.... where as an older more
mature doe or buck will already know what the hell is up and avoid it due to their knowledge gained thru
their own life experiences. Want an example? You can easily convince a young child to stick his finger
into a light socket... But i bet you wont get your mom or dad to do it.  
Another thing to ponder about scents is this: You spent a ton of time scouting out this area, watching the
wind to know when the deer gonna be in that area/by that stand set up. So you wait for the day when the
wind will be right to get the deer there. You get that day...go climb into the stand and shoot a nice buck
out of it. What is the thing to ponder? Beings i knew the deer would more than likely NATURALLY come
to that spot to start with. (had you been using a scent) would it have been the scent that got it there....or
was it the paying attention to what the deer were doing on certain wind directions that got him there?
Would you or could you had spooked that deer and lost an opportunity by using a scent? Or is the real
question is "Why go to all that hard work to risk blowing it by giving the deer something to smell...that
suddenly gave him/her a reason to "Stop and have to Think"?
Here is a note for hunters to always consider: Focus most all of your time trying to "Learn about the Deer
and its Natural Habits" (just like you did all spring n summer). Spend more time trying to learn about the
animal instead of trying to figure out how to kill it. Because once you learn what a deer does naturally
100% of its life. You will always have a way better idea of how to kill it more easily and you will succeed
more frequently.   
So what is the verdict on the use of cover scents and/or over the counter deer lures/scents? Well for the
most part they are not recommended by us here at BWO.
As a deer is walking through the woods, it is constantly using
its nose (especially buck on the prowl for a hot doe) to make sure that the smells within its travels are of
a Natural, Safe and of An Ordinary Situation. Therefore hunters risking the use of an Unfamiliar/Unnatural
scent such as a MAN MADE cover scent, doe or buck urines, food attractants, etc. Are always at risk of
any deer to suddenly crosses the path of that scent and react accordingly. A scent will always force a
deer to stop for the evaluation the situation as to whether it is dangerous or not. Creating doubt in a
deers mind creates doubt in the success of your hunts. Therefore at all times it should be simply avoided
as much as possible. Hunt the natural deer patterns....dont try to change them. I would rather have a
deer pass 30 yards out of range and not ever know I was there. Rather than risk a deer avoiding my set
up all together because of a scent I chose to place into the woods. You can always move your stand
closer to the activity. But if the deer now knows your there he will avoid your activity.
Based on several years of experience with hunting whitetails, It is the recommendation of Backwoods
Whitetail’s that the use of cover scents never be used.
I know that much like a deer, you all live in the comfortable atmosphere of your own home. Therefore
when things are out of the ordinary you will suddenly become on full alert. Example: Have you ever been
walking your house one day that you have lived in for multiple years...and suddenly asked someone "Do
You Smell Something Hot like its Burning"..? Well that is the same thing that happens to a whitetail when
the smell of fall blend, earth scent, fox piss, coon piss skunk piss etc. suddenly hits their nose while
walking through the woods. Make sense?? Therefore if is the belief that
. Cover scents are allowed to be used, but only
by the personal choice of a hunter. AGAIN, using cover scents are not the recommendation of
Backwoods Whitetail’s.
Remember that
not all hunters use these products and feel they can destroy the area for future hunters.
Therefore those hunters choosing to use those types of products are to use them in a way that it does
not make contact with the tree foliage and/or ground vegetation at anytime.
All scents, scent devices and
broken arrows, broad heads and trash must be removed from the timber upon the completion of your
hunt. All food wrappers and drink containers are to be confined on the hunter while hunting. Hunters are
to remove their trash on a daily basis.

  A Scent Method I Strongly Stand Behind
Again because a deer 100% trusts its nose over all things. A deers nose can and will get him into deep
trouble quick with the use of a "Fresh Tarsal Gland" taken off of a bucks and/or hot doe. A combination
of both of those glads during the peak of the rut can & will have hunters experiencing things they only
dreamed about seeing in the woods. I have personally witnessed several times bucks on a committed
travel path across wide open fields. That have hit the scent path of a tarsal gland set up to instantly turn
into the wind and posture up for 50 yards all the way to the tree stand. This is currently the only method i
have ever seen that will get a buck to literally drop a hot doe to come run off a buck that isn't even there.
For more info on how to use this technique. Feel free to visit the following link.  Bagging Bucks with
Tarsal Glands.
As expected when discussing the different subjects of hunting. There is &
will always be a difference of opinions on what is good, what is bad, what
is necessary or what is unnecessary when it comes to properly hunting
whitetails. One thing I do know about hunting, is that for the most part it is
an Individual Sport. Therefore everyone has the right to their own
thoughts and/or methods on what it take to play this ever changing game.
Therefore, I support the right and the freedom for everyone to have, try &
practice their opinions & practices on what they believe it takes for them to
succeed in the woods. At times whether it be right or wrong in my opinion.
Confidence in a hunters methods shows me as a guide that a hunter has
introduced some sort of self discipline into their hunts. Just know as your
guide, any & all requests suggestions are simply made to the best of my
knowledge & experiences and are purely with the absolute intention of
helping you to succeed on a trophy whitetail. Remember that I am just a
deer guide... Not a Deer God.
        Grunt Calls, Rattling and Decoys
of the year it can be effective. On the other hand....if it is the wrong time in the wrong situation it can
be a hunt killer. So if you want to drag those things in & out the woods? Then be my guest, lol. I won't
talk for it nor will i talk against it. Me personally, I spend allot of time scouting/paying attention to what
the deer do naturally and will continue to hunt em that way. I head to the stand with a bow, a release,
a flashlight, my cell phone and a grunt call. As that is all i need to succeed. And yes i believe all
hunters need to be packing some sort of a grunt call to the woods with them. Never Ever Leave Home
Without a Grunt Call.
For those that will ask "Which one do i recommend". I will tell you that they are all deer calls and they
all make deer sounds. The reality of a deer call is "Do you know how to use it" and "Do you know
What Different Deer Sound Like"?? Again, learn what a deer does and what it sounds like. Also know
how to recognize the current transition of the rut in order to be able to know which calls to use. Once
you understand those things. You will know how to use properly the call.
I will say that some calls are able to get LOUD without turning into a duck call. Some are soft calls and
will not get loud at all. Personally I prefer the ones i can get "LOUD" with. Sometimes I don't have a
problem blind calling. So when it is peak of the rut and i want to simulate a buck barking other bucks
away from a doe. Then I need a call that i can get some volume out of. But if i want to try n get the
attention of a deer in a delicate way. Then i know i need a call that can be subtle as well.
Calling is an experienced art my friends. Don't know till ya hear it....cant get better at it unless ya try
it. I do promise you that it works allot here in the midwest and a call is small enough that there is
absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have one with you in the stand.