Because we want everyone to have a safe hunt as well as a successful
one. This is not just a quick note to cover Staying Safe in the Stand. But it
is " A VERY SERIOUS" note to those that plan to bring and/or use self
climbing tree stands. Hunters using self climbers need to always keep in
mind that Even though a tree is in the perfect location. "Not all trees are
safe and/or the perfect trees to be climbing". I have attached a picture that
is of what we refer to as a Shag Bark Hickory. Do Not...Do
NOT...DO NOT CLIMB THIS TREE!!! And if I see anyone in this kind of
tree with a climber? Ya probably gonna get an azz chewing from me but
quick, lol. Reason being is that not only is the trunk of this tree as hard as
a steel pole... but the bark is not securely attached to the trunk of the tree
and will flake off very easily. Thus anyone trying to use a self climber on
this tree can and will easily find themselves suddenly on the ground. And
trust me it won't be voluntarily nor a good way. So if ya see one of these
trees and are considering it. Just remember that Brett Said "Stay the "F"
out of those kinds of trees!!".
Another kind of tree to avoid is a hard maple. It doesn't have the peeling
bark. But the trunk is also hard as steel and the outer layer is super
smooth and your climber will NOT bite into it at all. So always test the bark
of a tree first to see if it has a softer outer layer that will allow your stand
to bite into it safely n securely.
We also want hunters to stay aware while climbing into one of our pre
stands. Feel assured that Bridget and I check each and every stand prior
to the season to ensure that both the stands & straps are in good shape.
HOWEVER... ALWAYS REMEMBER that no matter what preventative
measures we make. The woods is and always will be full of rodents that
love to chew on things.... and also remember that metal rusts. So whether
it be your set up or ours, "PLEASE"... ALWAYS take a second to take a
quickly check any stand prior to climbing into it. And remember that
hunters are to always,  alWAYS, ALWAYS wear a safety harness while on
the stand. No exceptions for any reason as it is mandatory that all hunters
wear a safety/fall restraint while hunting from a tree stand.
Lastly, Because we are always concerned for your making it safely into
and out of a tree stand. Even though it may seen to be an intrusion and/or
inconvenience to your hunt. It is a priority of mine that each morning ALL
HUNTERS are to send me a text message letting me know that you are
safely on stand. Otherwise I will try to make contact with you to make sure
that you are safely on stand. Just as a heads up, "If I do not receive a
message or a reply... I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE A TRIP TO THE
WOODS TO CHECK ON YOU". So Please let us know with a simple text
that you are on stand and ok. This allows us the peace of mind knowing
that each hunter has made it safely onto stand and are doing well.
Also know that we request the exact same in the evenings. Even thought
the days hunt is over, we ask that hunters send a quick simple text letting
us know that you have safely gotten out of your stand. This will first let us
know that you are not laying injured on the ground. Secondly it also lets
us know that you are not needing any assistance and will be safely on
your way back to the lodge for dinner.
So Please make a 100% effort to comply with all safety rules and please
communicate with us as to your making it safely both in and out of the
Backwoods Whitetails
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240 West Main St.
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Phone: 309-224-2853
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