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Nonrecovery / Wound Policy
If anyone has a question and/or concern on this subject? me so
we can discuss this subject. With having the greatest respect for both the
animal, for the sport of whitetail hunting and especially for every hunter that
hunts with us hoping to receive an "Equally Fair Opportunity" at harvesting a
trophy. We are hoping that all hunters will fully respect and understand why in
"Wound 1 Hunt is Done" wound policy rule into our program. Up until that
point, we were probably one of the few, if not the only outfitter out there
without a wound policy in place. We had always operated with an ethical but
fair chase thinking that if a hunter was to hit/draw blood/wound a buck to not
recover it? We basically carried the attitude of "Shit Sometimes Happens" to
everyone in the woods, But if you hit a second buck and loose it then your hunt
for a buck was simply just over.
At the end of our 2013 deer season, that way of thinking was deeply debated
within our own hearts as conservationists, preservationist, as an ethical
hunters and as a guide to paying hunters. It was the 2013 season that the
whitetail population had already been damaged nationwide by EHD. But that
year our camp sadly & unfortunately had 11 bucks that were wounded and not
recovered all due to situations where hunters were taking ridiculous shots
through thick brush, purposely shooting deer in the shoulder at 10 yards,
taking extremely long shots, shooting at bucks in extremely low light
conditions, etc. It was that experience that brought it all to a head. It was then
we felt it was our responsibility to speak up for both the whitetail and for the
other paying hunters that were to be hunting following the weeks of other
seemingly uncaring hunters.
Now trust me when i say that as hunters ourselves, we do fully understand that
hunting will have its downs as well as its ups and that no hunter intentionally
wounds an animal. We also fully understand how adrenaline from instant over
excitement can take over the control of a hunters senses, nerves, thought
processes, etc. We also understand how those very situations can cause
anyone to have an instant loss of any patience for waiting on the perfect shot
causing the whole dam hunt to suddenly go right out the window. So please
understand that we ourselves have been in the "deer wounding seat" and we
hated it as much as you do. As well it can and will happen to even the most of
seasoned and experienced of hunters. But as a guide, I have to ask myself this
one question:
How I would personally feel if I were any paying client, that saved my hard
earned money, practiced up all summer, prepared all year for a long
awaited/dreamed about once in a lifetime whitetail hunt. I arrive into a camp
where I am excited to be as I am now hunting for hopefully the biggest buck I
will ever encounter in my lifetime. I already know that the situation is 100% wild
n fair chase, and that what we do is called hunting for the reason of successes
cannot guaranteed on wild whitetail. But anticipation keeps me excited as I
know anything can happen at anytime in the woods so i am pumped to be in the
stand. Then I go to the woods to hunt where the buck and/or doe sightings are
slow to literally none. Now I know even there are days where even in the best of
spots hunters can go without seeing a single deer. But as a paying hunter
should, I consult with my guide/outfitter to see what he may think is going on
or if I am doing something wrong. But the answer I get is that i arrived into
camp and began my hunt on a farm and/or in an area where the outfitter/guide
had previously allowed multiple bucks to be wounded by prior hunters without
any concern or respect to my hunt by applying some sort of limitations with
respect to and/or for all future hunters and/or the whitetails?
So we ask that everyone Please place yourself in that exact same scenario and
then ask yourself the very same question of "When & Where should your hunt
stop and/or start mattering". We hope you realize that what we are doing
and/or have decided to do this for each of you. Please respect our other
hunters and please do your best to take your time to wait for the best possible
shot. We want to thank everyone for their complete cooperation on this subject
as your efforts as ethical sportsman will help make for a better hunting future
for everyone here at Backwoods Whitetails.
nor apply an antler minimum to your hunt. Like all
outfitters, we do feel the need to apply and enforce
some sort of a wounded deer / Non Recovery Policy.
Understand that we do not like having to be the
occasional bad guy. But at the same time we are
being a good guy for the next and/or upcoming
hunter. All BWO Policies, Rules & Regulations are put
in place for the benefit of all deer hunters both
present & future. As well they are put in place to
maintain an fair, safe & ethical practice for both
hunter and animal alike.   
"What Happens if We Cannot Recover My Animal"