For the hunter that has let this little possible detail of a hunt slip their mind.
And because we don't ever want anyone to suffer from constant itching for any
reason. We want to remind those that are allergic to the different kinds of
poison ivy's to be both alert & aware while you are in the stand and/or woods. I
assure you that poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak is present in the
allergies to those kinds of plants while in camp. So just a heads up, lol. If you
are allergic to any poison plants such as those listed above?
Please make
sure that you bring the necessary items and/or medications
needed to combat the symptoms in the event that you make
contact with those plants.
Now for the not so bad things that make ya itch. Due to we can never predict
the weather temps that may control bug activities. For those early season
hunters and/or for those worried about bugs such as Mosquitos, chiggers &
ticks. Be prepared with the correct repellents to keep you both comfortable and
scent free while in the tree stand. We personally use Permethrin Insect
repellent as it dries 100% scent free and will last for several days with just one
one application. Hunters can purchase this item in several places whether it be
online, sporting goods stores, Walmart, etc.
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
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We all know whitetail hunting gives a man
an itch that can only be cured one way.
And the only cure is filling a tag with a
nice buck. However, there are certain
itches that as hunters we don't want to
ever have to deal with.