Everyone knows how the weatherman seem to never get it right. But
there are also times when they do. But with the climate & atmosphere
drastically changing each year. We never know what the weather is going
to be like from day to day. Beings there is no one can plan months ahead
for what the exact weather conditions will be during the time of your hunt.
We always suggest to hunters that they be sure to check the weather
forecast for our area right before you leave for IL. That way hunters will
have a better idea of what to expect/plan/prepare for while on their hunt.
Now again due to the weather changes as fast as a weatherman's
forecast. Always make sure that you prepare for and/pr bring all the right
gear in order to stay cool, Stay warm and/or stay dry while in the stand.
Hunters can check the forecast for our area by visiting the following link.
          LOCAL WEATHER at BWO

Because we see hunters from all four corners of the United States. Each
& every year we see hunters that are not used to cold conditions and
literally freeze out in the stand. So if ya are one that gets cold easily...or if
ya are one that always hunts here or at home when temps seem to be at
their coldest. Then here are a couple suggestions on how to stay warm
the entire time while on stand.
Back in the day, the only way to keep warm was to dress in layers. But
these days the gear is available to help you stick it out in the stand during
what is seemingly brutal weather elements.
1st step: The first step to staying warm begins with the proper
undergarments. Ive use allot of different stuff over the years. But just to
share with you what I have come to rely on & still use today is E.C.W.C.S.
That is a Military Polar Undergarment that works. To get more info and/or
to buy ya some now. Just punch ECWCS Thermal Underwear into the
internet and you will see that you can find it very easily. You can probably
find it cheapest on Ebay or Amazon. But know that you can find it as
cheap if not cheaper at your local Army surplus stores. Again it is normally
cheaper there and you can try it on for a perfect fit as well. But for internet
shoppers...just take some time to search around as it can usually be
purchased for $15 - $20 for a top and the same for a bottom. Baclava
Head Covers are also available in ECWCS Material as well.

If you are like my wife and believe the temperature of freezing is 70
degree's, lol. Then you should be looking into and purchasing battery
powered heated garments. We have personally used this gear and will
confirm that it can & makes all the difference in the world for being able to
enjoy your time in the woods.
Also because of our personal experiences with this kind of gear. We
suggest purchasing either a Milwaukee, Bosch or a Dewalt Heated
"Hoodie Sweatshirt". Again Get the sweatshirt and NOT A COAT!
Reason for that is? Being that you will need to have the actual heated
garment closest to your body/skin as possible. Due to our lack of
experience while purchasing our first heated garment. I personally had
purchased a coat. After using the coat for the first time... I wish to God
that I had purchased the hoodie instead. Reason being is that I could not
feel the heat of the coat due to it is the outer layer of my set up. So
remember to get the sweatshirt as the vest or the hoodies are thin
garments designed and need to be worn as an under layer closest to your
skin. NOTE: the hoodies & vest have the exact same heating element
systems as the coats do.
So to best prepare for a heated garment to work. You will need to dress
with your base layer first. Then the heated hoodie and then your outer
garments. I do recommend the Milwaukee brand due to the batteries are
the smallest and are light weight. Thus you can pack a couple extra
batteries in your pack and not be bulked down with a ton of extra weight
like you would be with the Dewalt. NOTE: The Milwaukee battery systems
will work with the Dewalt as well!!   
For those that have feet that get cold there is the thought/option of getting
"Thermacell Heated Insoles". Again if you type that into google... you will
see that you can easily find them every where.
However... One thing that I
will warn you about with these insoles is that they "Take up Space in Your
Boots, Thus causing an uncomfortable fit".
So you will have to take your
original insoles out in order to be able to still fit your foot into your boots.  
Now if ya aren't one that is into the new fancy ssshhhhiiiiissttufff…, lol.
Then there is always the old back up stand by disposable hand & toe
warmers. But the bottom line is to check the forecast and be prepared
with the right gear to be able to stay in the stand. Cuz freezing your azzes
off makes for a LONG Day in the stand. And if anyone has any ideas to
share with others. We are always open to new suggestions.

Make sure that your guns are clean, dry and OIL FREE!! As some hunters
have found in the past. A well oiled gun will become lethargic, sticky and
some firearms have even frozen shut in extremely cold weather
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