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What to do and/or Expect Upon Arrival at Camp

The returning hunters will be already familiar with the
process. But for the new hunters coming to camp this year.
We want to share with you what to prepare for/expect upon
you arrival to camp. Please know that we ask that all repeat
hunters please have compassion & respect for the hunters
that are here for their first time and will be going through the
check in process for their first time. Remember that any
hunters that are new to hunting with Backwoods Whitetails
will need more assistance than a repeating/returning hunters.
Therefore we ask that you Please give the new / first time
hunters the respect of utilizing the guide first.
We know that everyone will be chomping at the bit to get into
the stand as soon as possible. So please understand that the
patience and cooperation from each & every hunter will be
needed so as to work together to ensure that things will run
smoothly for everyone. The number of hunters we have in
camp are always small. So as usual we are sure that things
will go quickly as normal.
Bridget n I would like for all hunters to know that unless you are the first group
arriving for the opening of our hunting season. Or unless you are the first group of
Rut hunters arriving around the end of October. You will be arriving on what we refer
to as "Rollover Day". A rollover day is when the hunters from the previous week are
leaving and new hunters are arriving in camp to start their hunts. Please try to
remember that Bridget & I are looking to relax and start cutting up with everyone as
soon as possible. We also know that everyone arriving will be both tired from travel
and also eager & ready to start their hunting vacations. So please remember that
rollover days are, can and will be a little hectic "for Bridget & I" at times. Please try to
remember that there is a point where we are actually working and/or may have been
for prior weeks. So there is a possibility that we can/may be a little worn down at
times. So please understand that we are doing our best to stay on top of things to get
to each individual hunter in a timely manner. We will make sure that each hunter gets
checked to their room, all paper work is done and out to their farms and into a stand
before the afternoon ends.

What time can hunters arrive? On roll over days, we ask that hunters try to
arrive in camp around noon on the day before their scheduled hunt is to begin.
Sometimes we may be running ahead of schedule. Therefore the earlier arrival of a
few hunters may be welcomed in order to spread things out a little more evenly.
If we
have finished cleaning and resetting the lodge earlier than expected. Then we will be
sometimes be able accept the early arrival of a hunter here and there. Again, spacing
out the arrival of hunters throughout the morning into the midday will allow us plenty
of time to smoothly check in each hunter and then get you out to your farm & into a
stand in a timely manner.  
Upon arrival: Each hunter will be shown to their assigned room for which
hunters can then take any necessary items to their room. All other hunting gear can
be stored inside the back area of the building and/or locked up in your vehicles. I
would recommend that for maximum scent control during the hunt. That all hunting &
field gear be stored into a scent bag/container and kept in your trucks away from any
contaminating smells of the lodge and/or others. For those that are simply paranoid
like myself, lol. Please feel free to bring your bows or guns in at night. Please know
that we have never had any issues with theft in the past. As well we also have a
constant video surveillance system. But we all know that there is a will then there is
a way and always that chance of a first time for everything. So please keep your
trucks locked at all times in the event you are storing any expensive hunting
equipment inside your vehicles.
The Lodge: Both the main part of the lodge and all of guest rooms are carpeted.
Therefore we request that all hunters
"Please Remove Hunting Boots and/or Shoes
Before Entering the Main Areas of the Lodge"
. As well, Please Remove Any Muddy
Hunting Boots or Shoes Outside of the Lodge"
Note that here is a boot puller and a
boot brush outside for your personal use.
For those that do not want to run around
the main part lodge in just your socked feet. Please bring a pair of clean crocks or
slippers to wear around the lodge
. Please know & respect that Bridget keeps a very
clean home and does her best to keep the lodge clean by vacuuming the carpets
daily. So again, we ask that you please do not wear hunting boots and/or shoes into
the lodge past the banquet room entrance.
CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Once hunters have unpacked and moved into their
assigned rooms. He/she will then check in with the guide. At that time hunters will
need to have the available their deer tags, hunting license & habitat stamp.
make sure that both your hunting license and deer tags are signed
. At that time the
guide will record that information on your individual Daily Activity & Harvest sheet.
As well you will need to show the guide that you have a copy of the aerial map for
which you will be required to carry on your person for the entire time while in the
field hunting. Again, please remember that all of those items must remain on your
person for the entire time while hunting in the field. Note that
there are no state
requirements for displaying these items on your back
. Just make sure that you have
these three items, ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TIMES!!!
 As your guide records your
deer tag information & license numbers, hunters will then read over all B.W.O. Rules
& Regulations and sign any & all liability waivers associated with/related to their
hunt. No hunter will be allowed to continue to their hunt sites until all of the previous
steps have been fully completed.
Time for a Tree Stand: Once hunters have successfully completed the check in
process. Those hunters can then be taken out & shown to their assigned
farm/hunting location. Bow hunters will be allowed to begin their hunt that
(please note that firearm hunters will not be able to begin their
hunt until the following day/opening day of the gun season)
. Please Note that
any returning hunters that have been coming here for years and/or know their way to
& around their assigned hunting property may go to / proceed to their farm without
the guide once the paperwork process has been completed with the guide.

NOTE TO FIREARM HUNTERS: Again firearm hunters will not be able to start their
hunts until the following morning. But for those hunters that have already been here
and are familiar with their hunt sites (once your checked in process is completed)
you may continue on your own to your hunt sites for scouting, hunt preparation or do
what ever else you want/need to do in preparation for following days hunt.
New/1st Time Firearm Hunters: Once all new/first time hunters have completed their
check in process. We will the guide will then take you out and show you to your
assigned property, answer any questions and/or assist the hunter if needed.

Current Deer Information: Prior to your arrival BWO will do their best to
assist you with knowledge of your assigned farm. Upon arrival, the guide will consult
with and/or make suggestions to the hunter as to the deer activity for that farm/area
to the best of their current knowledge. Once the hunter has been shown to their farm,
he/she may then be free to scout/inspect their hunt sites, hang stands, set up ground
blinds & trail cameras with or without the assistance of the guide. Again bow hunters
are able to begin their hunt at that time, where firearm hunters will then need to
return to the lodge and begin their hunt the following morning. The firearm hunters
needing to test fire their firearms will need to consult with the guide as to where they
can test fire their guns.
A SERIOUS NOTE: Don't wait until you
get here to sight in your firearms!!

EVENING MEALS: Please remember that each day Bridget works hard to make
sure that your evening meal experience will be a good one. Each evening she
prepares a hot meal closest to the time where all hunters will be able to enjoy a fresh
hot meal together. Therefore, she tries to make sure that your evening meal will be
ready to serve once everyone has returned to the lodge for the evening. For those
that will not be returning to the lodge immediately after the hunt. PLEASE respect
both the cook and the other hunters in camp by contacting the guide immediately.
That way the guide can notify the cook to go ahead and start serving the other
hunters. In the event that you are with the guide out tracking a deer and we already
know that you will be late. The guide will be responsible for letting the cook know
that she can go ahead and serve the other hunters.
DAILY ACTIVITY FORMS:  Each evening (either during or after your evening
meal) the guide will check in with each hunter to complete a daily hunt activity form,
discuss your current days hunt, record all animals seen/experienced, answer any
questions, discuss the next days hunt and see if a hunter is needing any assistance
the following day. Please know that communicating with the guide by providing them
information is important in several ways to both the guide and to you as well. So
PLEASE do not withhold any information as you would only be hurting yourself/your
hunt. Please know that my wife & myself do mainly all of the guiding. Therefore this
information can help us to assist you in making daily decisions on best stand
selections, best areas to hunt in, help you pattern animal movements based on wind
directions, etc, etc. Just remember that we cant help you...if you wont help and/or let
us help you.
Any hunter that may have any questions on any subject of the hunt at any time.
Please feel free to call, text or email us to get your questions answered immediately.
It will always be our goal to help both the hunter, the guide and the cook so that we
can all look forward to enjoying a smoother running and more relaxing week in camp.
Again, Bridget and I want to thank everyone that chooses to hunt with us each and
every season. We seriously appreciate your support, your business and hope that
you will want to return to hunt with us in following years.
                                                           See ya soon!! Brett & Bridget