1.) Because we allow each of our hunters to
move on their own to succeed....We request
that ALL bow hunters bring with them at
least one tree stand of their choosing for
making any immediate & necessary move in
our website "Bringing a Stand" for a
complete & FULL LIST of REASONS why we
request hunters bring a stand of their own.
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So Bring a Stand or Ground Blind with You!!
1.) A quick suggestion for those with limited travel space. If there are
multiple hunters in your group and you are all sharing one vehicle for the
ride out. Those situations will leave each of you with very limited space
for additional gear in the truck. So consider bringing out one or two stand
set ups (say one climbing stick with hang on stand and one self climber)
that each hunter in your group can/will feel comfortable and safe using in
the event it is needed. The majority of our hunters utilize our stand sites
but some do prefer to hang their own. But with that being said there are
some of our stands never see a hunter for the entire season.

2.) Each and Every hunter is required to wear a safety
harness while hunting from ANY elevated position. NO

3.) Each stand site has been equipped with a hoist rope and some form of
a hanger to hang "some" equipment on. However we do want to remind
each of you to bring an additional hoist rope, carabiner clip, a screw in
bow holder. We also advise hunters to bring a ratchet strap for the those
whom will feel much more comfortable with an additional strap on any
stand site. Although, Bridget & I personally check, inspect and trim each
one of our stands sites prior to the start of each season. It is obvious
that the stands are constantly being exposed to weather and rodents. Not
to mention we and/or you may not know what adjustments another hunter
may have made to that stand site prior to your arrival. So although we
have checked each stand and things will more than likely be just fine. We
do want everyone to remember that people do change things, over trim
things, they remove things, they move things and they add things that we
are not aware of.  So
"PLEASE" take a moment to give the
stand you are about to climb into a GOOD once over.
Always be sure to attach your safety harness before you
begin hoisting up any hunting equipment.  

4.) PLEASE Do Not over trim any one of our stand sites. Be sure to
observe the area thoroughly, view and range each shooting lane/hole and
PICK A SPOT FOR THE SHOT!!! Note that we try to prepare each stand
site for a CLOSE UP SHOT. What some may define as being confined... to
another hunter it will seem wide open. Not to mention for each freshly cut
branch, a sap smell will enter the air. For each branch sawed off, you are
dusting the area with fresh falling/blowing saw dust that is putting a smell
into the air that wasn't their the last time the deer was by or in that area.
Know that we try to set each stand with everyone in mind. But with that
being said, each of our stand sites are set according to our own personal
beliefs and/or liking. But we are always thinking in regards to the most
inexperienced/unseasoned bow hunter and we always are thinking "The
closer the Shot....The Less Margin for Error".... which means more dead
bucks. As a guide we always have to consider our stand sites needing to
be set up with the inexperienced, shaky hunters, poorly/miss placed
shots in mind. Our stand sites are set for shots ranging from 0 - 35 yard
shots. Some may be more open for further shots. But PLEASE PRACTICE
most hunters refuse to take a straight down shot or a shot that is more
than 35 - 40 yards (which we greatly respect). But you never know when
that buck of a life time is directly under your stand or at 45 yards. The
Bottom Line is
Please Show up Well Practiced & Well

ATTENTION SHOTGUN HUNTERS!! It is not imperative that any of you
bring a tree stand with you. Unlike with a bow....the ole smoke pole will
allow you to harvest a deer at a greater distance without having to move
a stand closer to the activity. Therefore we recommend that gun hunters
bring a light weight packable fold out chair and/or maybe a ground blind
chair combo in the event that weather turns bad and/or they are wanting
to try out a spot that is not equipped with a pre set stand or ground blind.
Please Note that I have personally have harvested SEVERAL whitetail
bucks with a firearm from all types of situations. Everything from a tree
stand, a ground blinds and a fold out chair leaned up against a fence or
tree or just sitting my butt on the cold wet ground. Now although stands
are nice due to elevation... I "personally" prefer the "hunt from the feel
that if I am on the ground and a buck is quickly passing through and/or
just out of range. I can easily make a quick adjustment to obtain a shot
on that deer? I do not have to waste precious time getting down & out of
a stand or climb out of a ground blind to loose that one possible
opportunity for success.

Once again, Thanks for every ones time. Take some time and consider all
things & possibilities. Then if anyone (bow and/or gun hunters) may still
have additional questions on this subject? Please feel free to call or email
us and we will get those questions answered for you.      
                                                 Thank you, Brett & Bridget