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The 100% Absolute Best Whitetail Deer Scent
For those hunters looking to experience of feeling that you was actually to control a whitetail buck naturally. There is a sure fire
way to help make that happen with a Fresh & Well preserved Tarsal Gland from a whitetails hind leg.
Now the first thing to understand is just how it's possible to make that happen is by understanding how nature has whitetails
designed to work. "The Nose" of a whitetail is what nature has a deer designed to trust "The Most". Thus, a whitetail can see
something but still wants to smell it before it trusts it to be real. A whitetail can hear something (say a grunt) and it will still want
to smell it before it trusts it to be real. A deer can see something and hear something and it will STILL want to smell it before it
trusts it to be real. BUT... if a deer smells something and its nose tells the brain that it is real. Then the deer will commit to
something as being real, regardless of whether it has seen or heard it. So with that having been said. Now we need something
that is 110% real that was designed by nature and that would be the tarsal of a whitetail. Because its obvious that a tarsal is used
by a whitetail to be detected & confirmed by another whitetails nose as "REAL / To Be Trusted".  We know this due to the fact
that whitetails (both buck and doe) increase secretions from that gland along with an increase of urinations onto their tarsals
during the onset of the annual breeding season. Their goal in doing all this is to increase the strength of the smell in order to be
detected by the nose of other whitetails during this time of the year. So if we can get our hands on something that is 110% REAL
by the design of nature. Then we can thus, control the mind & commitments of a rutting whitetail.
Again the tarsal gland of a whitetail is located on the inside of a whitetails back leg. Now
the question is "How Do I Get One To Use for Hunting"?? Well that can be done a couple
of different ways.
1st is by getting one from a buddy that has actually harvested a whitetail and/or by
harvesting one yourself.
2nd way is to get close with your local deer processor and see if he is willing to harvest
some clean / non bloody tarsals from the deer he takes in to be processed. Then hope he
doesn't realize there is potential for some side cash for getting them for you, lol
Where is the Tarsal Located & How do i get my hands on some?
Best way to harvest a set of tarsals from a whitetail
Making sure that you can harvest a tarsal gland with the least amount of contamination is going to help ensure that you have the best "Mild Altering
Buck Bait" possible. Therefore, a hunter needs to always carry a set of quart sized zip lock freezer bags with them for when the moment to get some
tarsal glands presents itself. The reason for the zip lock is to get the oxygen sealed off from any exposed skin due to oxygen promotes bacteria growth.
Because the strength of a whitetails nose has the ability to detect any kind of bacteria growing on your perfect buck bait. To help prevent the growth of
bacteria, a hunter will also need to apply some table salt to the back side of the exposed skin after the tarsal has been removed. As well, if there is urine
in the bladder of the deer, it will need to be harvested into that zip lock bag as well to help increase the attraction power of the tarsal.  
Removing the Tarsal Gland
Grasp a few hairs and pull on the tarsal while skinning the tarsal off of the inside of the leg. Note
that there is a small blood vein on the inside that you will want to try and keep on the deer instead
of letting it come off with the tarsal. Reason being is that the proteins in the blood will be the 1st
thing to begin to rot. Thus causing the odor of decaying flesh. Once you have removed the Tarsal
properly it needs to be immediately placed into the zip lock bag. If there is no urine present in the
bladder then immediately squeeze as much air out of the zip lock and seal the bag. Then as soon
as possible you will need to apply a generous amount of salt to the exposed skin and then reseal
the bag to prevent air from making contact with the gland. If you are planning on using the tarsal
immediately you can store in the refrigerator. Otherwise, storing them in the freezer will help
prolong the life of a fresh tarsal.  
Harvesting the urine from the bladder
Know that lack of urine in the bladder of a buck actually happens allot of times during the rut periods due to their constantly urinating on their tarsal
and/or into ground scrapes. But IF there is urine present? The next step is to harvest the urine without making human and/or contact with blood or gut
materials. The harvesting of urine from a bladder can be quite a slow surgical process if you are harvesting the tarsals from a doe. But getting the
urine from a bucks bladder can actually be quite a quick and simple process.
Step 1 is to grab the testicles and make an incision through the skin off to one side of the sack. This should
expose the shaft of the deers baby maker.
Step 2 is to make a small incision above the pelvic bone so that you can see if the bladder contains any
urine. The bladder is located just under the top of the pelvic bone. So reach in an see if the bladder
contains any urine. If the bladder feels empty then your mission is done. But if it contains urine you will
then need to get the urine into the zip lock with the tarsal glands.
Step 3 is to pull up & out on the shaft stretching the skin/outer membrane.
Step 4 is to barely cut through the outer membrane so as to just expose the head of the baby maker.
Step 5 is to then place the baby maker into the zip lock bag with the tarsal glands.
Step 6 is to then reach deep under the pelvic bone in order to get the full bladder into your hand
Step 7 is to then squeeze the bladder repeatedly until as much urine as possible has been pushed into the
zip lock bag.
Step 8 is to simple squeeze out as much air/oxygen as possible and seal the bag until you can complete
the salting/preservation process.
Step 1
Step 2
Click on any photo to enlarge for better viewing
Step 3
Step 4
Once you have the tarsals removed and salted. The only thing left to do is a make a small incision on the top of the
gland so that you can insert a string or zip tie for hanging the glad at waist height in the timber. Know that there is
a right time and a right way to use these tarsals for best success. So to learn more on how to hunt with the use of
tarsals click on the following link:  
The Perfect Mature Whitetail Trap is the Tarsal Gland
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