Best Portable Ground Blinds
Luckys Hunting Blinds
Luckys Hunting Ground Blinds
At some point we have all bought a ground blind
simply because "The Price was right and it was
good enough for what you were doing at the time".
Then we take it home, drag it out to the woods, set
it up to maybe get one hunting season out of it
before we start to become frustrated with the
With todays economy, it is totally understandable
that we all try to save a few buck when we can. With
all of the different types of gear needed to succeed
in the field on bucks & beards. We sometimes find
ourselves buying cheap in order to keep our hunting
passions affordable. Thus the end results is that we
find ourselves wishing we would have just spent the
extra money on something that is more durable and
will last longer.
So now that we have all been down the road to the
ground blind grave yard. What are we gonna do to
make sure that it doesn't happen again? Are we
gonna waste another $50 on a cheap blind that we
already know is going to fail like the last one? Well,
before you do. Ask yourself these simple questions.
#1. Are you sick & tired of blinds with
weak zippers that are guaranteed to
break within the first few uses?
#2 Are you tired of blinds made
from cheap material that will
quickly rot from the weather?
3. Are you tired of buying a
blind that starts out as
your favorite camo only to
fade into something else?  
I am guessing your answer to all of those questions would be a big YES!!!! I
know that it was for us. We learned that sometimes in order to save money, ya
have to spend a little extra to start with. And when it comes to selecting the
perfect hunting blind....We choose Luckys Hunting Blinds! Quit messing around
by waisting your hard earned money on those throw away hunting blinds that
always end up in the ground blind grave yard.
1). Lucky's Hunting Blinds are
Made in the USA and are by far the easiest we
have found for a quick set up and are 100% Wheel Chair Friendly.
Lucky's can & will even custom make a blind to suit your
personal needs & desires.
3.) Lucksy come in several popular camo patterns.
4.) Luckys blinds are made from a very durable, water proof, fade resistant and
long lasting denier cordura material.
5.) Lucksy have the heaviest of heavy duty zippers on the market. I will attest
that they are the strongest zippers that I have ever seen on a hunting blind.
6.) Luckys blinds swing out frame is made from a heavy gauge wire that can
support several pounds of wet heave snow.
7.) Luckys blinds are made to last you and your family a life time. Hunters all
across America are still using the same Luckys Hunting Blind that they
purchased 25 years ago. Don't you think its time you spend a little extra money
for a hunting blind that will reliably last you season after season after season?
Well Backwoods Whitetails does and we can and will attest that "Lucky's
Hunting Blinds are the best dam hunting blinds on the outdoor market". Perfect
for all archery, shotgun, muzzle loader & rifle hunters to pursue trophy
whitetails, wild turkeys, black bear or any other big game. Check out Luckys
Hunting Blinds today at and we promise you
wont find yourself shopping for a new blind again tomorrow!
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#4 Are you wanting a blind that will last you a lifetime?