Each year Illinois Department of Natural Resources makes available for purchase 25000 nonresident archery tags. At first the Nonresident
archery permits are sold through a lottery application process in which there is a 100% success rate on drawing at permit. The application
period begins June 1st and ends June 31st. We then notify our hunters that they have had 100% success in drawing archery their tags and
notify them of the remaining tags that will be available over the counter at a later date. Once a hunter has reserved his/her hunt with
Backwoods Whitetails. Our staff will get in contact with all archery hunters to notify them with application details and times to apply. Each
hunter is given step by step instruction for the application process but hunters can call Backwoods Whitetails for direct assistance. Before
applying, Hunters should have ready their Drivers License #, Social Security #, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Eye and Hair Color. The cost for
a nonresident combination archery permit is currently $411.00. For that price the hunter is alloted two deer tags. One tag is an Either Sex tag
(buck or doe) and the other is an Antlerless Only tag (doe only). Archery applicants can apply for their whitetail bow permits using the
Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters license #DT1300259 but it is not mandatory that hunters do so. Note that there is equal opportunity for a
permit, even if you apply on the last day of the lottery. Again, All hunters in past years have been 100% successfully drawn with several
thousand tags remaining for sale. In the freak event that a hunter is not successful in the lottery. The hunt deposit will be rolled over to secure
the hunter a spot in the following years archery season. Once the hunter has received notification from Backwoods Whitetails that he/she was
successful in drawing their archery permits. We then ask that 50% of the remaining hunt balance be due by August 1st and the remaining
balance is due by September 1st. Please note that ALL Illinois Archery permits and licenses are NON-TRANSFERABLE!

All of our archery & firearm hunting spots are limited by B.W.O. and are sold on a first come first serve basis. Annual hunters wanting to return the following
year have until January 1st of the following year to secure their same hunting spots and/or dates for the next years season. A $500.00 Deposit
(non refundable)
per hunter is required at the time of booking to secure the hunt and no property or hunting dates will not be considered reserved until a deposit is received.
Hunt cancellations due to emergency situations
will be rolled over one time to the following year or may be transferred to another hunter that is not already
with Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters. Please call or email for a current list of available openings and/or dates for hunting. Advance Reservations for
following years hunting may be accepted!!
Along with whitetail permits, each hunter will need an annual nonresident hunting license $57.75 and a state habitat stamp $5.50. For the
hunters that will be hunting in Illinois for five or less days, can purchase a 5 day Non resident Hunting license at the cost of $37.75.Those
applying for permits and/or purchasing licenses online can expect to pay additional convenience fee's.

All Illinois firearm and muzzleloader only tags are obtained through lottery process. Because Backwoods Whitetails conducts all of their firearm hunts in
Fulton County, all of our hunters should have a 100% success rate with drawing all firearm/muzzleloader deer permits. Due to Fulton County having a
high density deer population the Illinois Department of Natural Resources sets a high quota of Fulton County firearm & MuzzleLoader tags available for
purchase. For the past few years, Fulton County has held the second highest harvest totals for each Illinois firearm hunting season and this helps
Backwoods Whitetail Clients achieve annual high success rates. Cost for an Illinois nonresident firearm deer permit is $300.00 for a Either sex (buck or
doe) firearm or Muzzle Loader permit and $26.00 for an antlerless deer permit (doe only).
YOUTH FIREARM DEER PERMITS are available for purchase over the counter at the cost of $10.50 for one either sex firearm deer permit.
Nonresident youth are permitted to harvest one buck or doe during the Illinois Youth Firearm Deer Season.
Illinois Whitetail Deer Permits & Hunting licenses.
Archery, Shotgun, MuzzleLoader & Youth Firearm
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