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Its obviously hard for any of us to really be able to
decide "Which is the absolute best camera for the
money". Meaning we all want to spend as little as
possible in the end. Whether it being a cheaper cam
price to start with.....a camera that wont eat me out
of house and home with Batteries...and is the dam
thing only gonna last me one year....or will I get
lucky and it last me ten. So while not having used
every brand of camera out there...but then again
having used quite a few different brands from the
cheap stuff all the way up to and including reconyx.
I guess (for me) after having used allot of cams for
allot of years. ... at the end of the day it boils down
to initial price for the features I am looking for. For
me....I want an IR cam with a video mode. And if I'm
lucky enough to get a time lapse mode...Ill take that
as well. Reason I want an IR mode is simple....There
is no flash. My cam is there for info...not for fancy
pictures and a white flash will give away a camera
location from a mile away in a heartbeat.. And
regardless of IR, incandescent or black out... the
sound of the cam will spook the deer more than
anything in my opinion. Now reason for the video
mode is simple. I run ALL my cams on video mode. I
can learn a ton more from watching a deer for ten
seconds than i can staring at a still pic for an
eternity. Where the deer are coming from, going to,
their current attitude at the licking branch helps me
determine stages of the rut and an individual
deer/bucks attitude. So no matter what the brand,
make or model....the Camera placement is important
for any cam to be able to get the info that one is
looking for. Me personally...I use all community
licking branches. whether it is an individual buck I'm
looking to hunt....or whether I'm looking to see if a
new guys is in the area. At the end of the day its "Is
the buck I'm after still there". Yes there is allot more
info to get from your cam. Now we still have to get
the deer on cam / get the cam to work in order to
even get that info. So which one will consistently
perform??? "YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE"!!! Again ive used em all....and there isn't a one
yet that hasn't let me down at some point. Whether
it be dead batteries, cam stopped working or wasn't
working right....No matter whether its WGI or
Reconyx or anything in between. A problem with a a problem with a cam lol.And they ALL
basically have just a one year warranty...and most
all companies will give ya some flack on getting it
replaced at some point. But the end
of the one year....Would your rather throw away a
$500 reconyx....or a $40 Wildgame innovations
cam?? Right now....I'm guessing your thougts
are...well I'm not gonna wanna throw away either lol.
But if I HAD to throw one rather it be a $40
cam. my exact same throught. Not to
mention....For $500.oo.....I can have I can have 12
sets of cheap eyes in the opposed to
just one set of expensive ones. And expensive or is just a trail camera.... its just one set of
eyes that will have its own flaw/flaws at some point
and the deer has to walk in front of it to get it too
work. SO... lol. For me?.... Ive finally come to the
thought process of "I need as many eyes in the
woods as cover as much area as
possible to know where the deer are at allot / most
all of the times, what winds they were there on...and
if they are still alive. And I think we ALL can agree
give ya all that info, lol. Anymore when someone
asks me what my favorite came is. My response is
is..there is such a thing as "The life of a trail
camera. So For me....A cam should last atleast five
years. I have had some last just one...(which gets
warrantied....and I have had some last for 10. But at
on the about the age of 5 years....allot
of those start showing their age with occasional
issues if ya know what I'm saying, lol. So when I
shop for new cams...I shop at the end of the
season/beginning of the year when they are closing
out last years cams.... I look for clearance sales and
will get as many cams as I can...for as cheap as I
can. Normally...if a cam is will show its ugly
head within a short period / within the warranty
period. the just a roll of the dice. But I don't
spend more than $40 - $50 on a single cam anymore.
I put em all over community licking
branches....throw in a big card...put em on video
mode....and let em run for 2-3 weeks before
checking em. I keep a file for every deer, every farm,
every property, every area and have files for the last
10+ years. If anyone wants insight on why I keep all
that info for that period of time and then some...I will
be glad to share...but that is another Chapter in my
book on the use of trail cams lol.
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