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 Scouting with Trail Cams
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Whitetail Trail Cam's - Build yourself an Arsenal!
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      Step 1 - "Map Your Property/Hunt Area"
By viewing your property or hunt area as a box. One already knows
that the only actual hunting you will be able to do is going to be
"Inside the Box". As well we know that there are only going to be so
many ways for the whitetail to travel in and out of the box. As well,
learning how the deer travel inside the box will be key knowledge for
choosing stand placements and knowing which stand to choose for
hunting different wind directions.

Print out an aerial for each of the different properties/ hunt area's for
which you are hunting.
Scout each property so as to locate & mark each individual deer trail
leading into and out of the property (the box).
Scout your food plots and/or field edges to locate & mark each
individual deer trail leading into the open food sources.
Add up each individual trail to find out how many cameras you will
Now that you have added up all of the different entrance and exit
trails. I'm sure you just realized that your "game camera scouting
efforts" are slightly underpowered. To get a real knowledge of what is
going on with the deer in that are. One has to understand that using
just a couple of cameras is not going to cut it. I know for most
hunters that budgeting a boat load of trail cameras into your scouting
game doesn't seem doable. But if you are as serious about
harvesting a trophy buck as you say you are. Then you will get
serious about electronically scouting your hunt area 24 - 7 and
getting serious will mean placing an extra eye on every trail that the
deer are using in the woods. Having the correct quantity of cameras
in the woods means that you will have a quality hunting experience
each and every season.   
  BUDGET CAMS: Quality vs Quantity
At Backwoods Whitetails (no we have not used them all) we have used more
than our fair share of different types, brands & models of game
scouting cameras. We have used everything from the low dollar
Wildgame innovation cams to the top dollar Reconyx. Regardless of
brand, type or model.... Any extra eye in the woods is better than no
eyes at all!
Now i will be the first to say that although we have had to throw away
quite a few of our low dollar cams where as we still have ALL of our
same Reconyx cams. I will also point out that it doesn't take a high
dollar cam to gather the whitetail intelligence that one is after. By
simply "taking the time to get to know each game camera" one will
soon learn how to best utilize that brand & model to get the best
results possible in the woods.
Now some hunters that face/deal with the high risk of theft issue.
Therefore budget cams are probably going to be more up you alley.
That will mean finding the cheapest cameras possible and then
finding the best ways to lock em down & hide them so as to keep the
thieves from carrying them away. But regardless of your situation. A
few tips to finding budget cams will be to constantly keep an eye out
on Amazon, Ebay, intrenet specials and annual clearance sales at
any of your local sporting goods stores/suppliers. I know we find
constantly find great deals online at
Usually starting about mid December through mid February we can
pick up some really cheap game cams on clearance sales at Tractor
Supply Stores. Just remember to keep looking and never pass up on
an opportunity to get a game cam for a cheap price. Whether ya need
it or not......, one never knows when they will have a cam crap out.
Otherwise share those discount discoveries with your hunting
buddies as they might be in need of an extra cam or two.
  Converting A Non Working Trail Cam   
One thing hunters can do with their junk cams is to turn them into
theft decoys and/or theft preventions decoys. By simply taking a
piece of Black RG6 Coax cable and epoxying it to the side of the
camera. One can turn the appearance of their once useless game
cam into a useful decoy that appears as a satellite cam to
trespassers/thieves. Sometimes just the simple glimpse of an
antenna on a camera can trigger the thought of "shit i just got my
picture sent to the owner" and will be enough to detour a thief.
Otherwise if you or a friend is having an issue with someone
consistently stealing cams. The simple placement of a junk camera in
plain sight with another camera hidden near by will be enough to
catch a camera thief.   
    Funnel Cams
Another great use for non working / dummy cams is for funneling
whitetails past your tree stand. We all know that whitetails are not a
stupid animal. Just watching em at times can leave some to believe
that they have the ability to recognize & reason out  things in their
minds just like a human. We all have seen a whitetail freak out and
take off running over something new being placed in their front yards
and it doesn't matter what it is or what size. Now I do believe that
"most" deer are simply spooked by a trail cam due to noises that are
easily detectable to the deer. But i have personally seen and watched
whitetails avoid a trail or a small area due to the presence of a game
camera. I have personally watched deer stand at distances outside of
a cameras detection zone to see if it were still there and then take an
alternate route to their destination. So the moral to this story is even
though it is a non working camera. It can be used to place on trails
and/or field edges where you want the deer to avoid. Thus, getting
them to choose a trail you want them to use. It isn't always 100%...but
this technique works.      
    Just How Many Cameras Do I Need?
At Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters we have several farms that need
to be monitored each season. How do we go about deciding on just
how many cameras will we need you ask? Whether you are a
dedicated whitetail guide or the individual hunter. Each and every trail
camera situation is going to be different.  
Next Step in Scouting for Success is "Choosing the Right Trail Camera"