Bow hunters need to arrive with the mind set of being prepared to be mobile at the drop of a hat.
Meaning I always suggest that hunters bring their own stand into the woods with them on the first
evening/free night. We will know what the wind directions are forecasted to be for the following
day and wind direction dictates deer travel and we/you need to be prepared to make an quick
change due to deer activity & wind. Plus if a hunter is seeing animals pass say...20 yards out of
their shooting range...then you have your stand right there at the base of our pre set stand and
can move onto the activity immediately. For those hunters "Flying In" and are not able bring a
stand with them. No worries,...We will get you taken care of.
Most all of our Gun Hunters are repeats and know the program and that bringing a tree stand is
not needed. But don't forget you need to bring an easily portable fold our chair to hunt from
and/or make moves from the ground. For those wanting to utilize our stands during your hunt, we
can help make suggestions if you need.
Well that's all for now and we greatly apologize if we have left anything or anyone out or if we
have not covered a subject or left questions unanswered. It is always our goal for every hunter to
be fully prepared and have a great time while hunting with us here in Illinois. So Please Contact
us with your questions, Check over hunt prep emails, Double check your gear, Travel safe and
we will see you all real soon.
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or what the deer activity and/or stage
of the rut will be upon your arrival to
I will occasionally text you while you are
in the stand to check on you and how it
is going. The first and main reason is
to make sure you are alive and have
not maybe fallen from a stand or
something. But secondly to see if you
are needing any assistance or
suggestions on the hunt.
Hunting Illinois Whitetails  
"Keeping it Real on What to Expect"