Illinois Crossbow Whitetail Deer Hunts
For the hunter that prefers to use a crossbow or is limited to the use of a crossbow due to an injury or handicap. Thanks to the
recent changes to the Illinois crossbow laws we can now allow more hunters to ability to pursue the Illinois whitetail with a
                                                                 CROSSBOW HUNTING THE RUT
Qualifying hunters that are wanting to hunt at anytime during the Illinois archery whitetail season will need to qualify under the following

Condition #1: Hunters that are 62 or older can legally hunt in the state of Illinois with a crossbow at any time during the deer archery season.

Condition #2: Any hunter having a handicap disability or injury preventing them from being able to use a compound bow can obtain a permit
from the Illinois State Department of Natural Resources to hunt for the entire duration of the Illinois Archery season as well. Those hunters
can download and print off the application to apply for an Illinois Crossbow Permit from the IL DNR at the following link.

                                                                          Late Winter / Post Rut Crossbow Hunts - $1900.oo
This hunt is conducted during the late season when the weather is cold, the rut is over and multiple bucks are focused on
nothing but food. Hunters will be hunting yarded up winter whitetails over winter food plots both designed and installed
specifically for this hunt. This is to help ensure the deer densities are high as should be the number of bucks in the area.
Hunters have experienced well over 60+ deer containing several bucks in just one evenings sit. This hunt is designed perfectly
for the whitetail archery that cannot endure the all day sit. Just a few hours in the morning and evening is all an archery hunter
should need to experience the magic of hunting whitetails during the winter months. It is truly an excellent time of the season to
be in a tree stand in search of the majestic Illinois whitetail.

Option #3: ANY legally permitted archery hunter may legally use a crossbow for the purpose of harvesting whitetail deer
beginning the first Monday in December throughout the end of the archery whitetail hunting season.

     Illinois Crossbow Regulations:
Crossbows used in hunting shall:

a) have minimum and a maximum peak draw
weight of 125 and 200 pounds, respectively.

b) have a minimum overall length (from butt of
stock to front of limb) of 24 inches.

c) have a working safety.

d) be used with fletched bolts or arrows of not
less than 14 inches in length (not including

e) use broadheads that may have fixed (must be
metal or flint-, chert- or obsidian-napped) or
expandable blades (must be metal), but they
must be a minimum 7/8 inch diameter when
fully opened.

f) NOT use electronic tracking systems utilizing
radio telemetry. Note: On state-owned and
-managed hunting areas flu flu arrows must be
used for taking upland game
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